Monday, July 11, 2011

Denizen of Troll Village

Today's illustration is based on a little caveman i picked up at a garage sale in the mid 80's. I have absolutely no idea who made him or what he originally came with so if anybody has any info about him, please drop me an email!

*Update* Thanks to my good buddy Keith i now know this guy's part of a set called Troll Village by Marx. I actually have a few of the other trolls as well but this guy was always my favorite since he has a toucan and a hammer. For more info, check him out here.


  1. Troll Village!

  2. Keith!! You rock man! I've been looking for info on this guy forever! I actually have a few of the other trolls:)

    I'm going to have to send you something in appreciation...:)

  3. Aha, I saw the picture in my RSS feed and I knew what it was before I opened the picture. So great! Loving this series a lot.

  4. It was sketched in Sketchbook Pro and the shapes were actually drawn in Photoshop (that's how i've been doing this series at least). And yep! This was drawn on a 12wx cintiq.