Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kid Vid

If you were a child of the 80's i don't think you'll have any problem recognizing today's character, Kid Vid. He was part of the Burger King Kid's Club team and my favorite of the bunch.

This guy was so cool with all of his high tech gadgets (at the time). I still remember how excited i was when Burger King released these action figures. For once they were like the figures you'd buy in the store instead of the cheap chunks of plastic that you normally found in a kid's meal. Don't get me wrong, BK released lots of cool toys in the 80's but these were by far the coolest.

Now if only they had come with a few accessories. I think i'm going to go check ebay for a mini-ipod for him to hold...


  1. Whoa you still have your Kid Vid!?! Of, course you would, what was I thinking...

    Awesome work!!!

  2. Ha! No waaaay! I remember him....... ♫meeeemorieees♫

    Nice piece Matt ; )