Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brainoid Shenanigans

Today's illustration is one i don't actually own, Brainoid. He's also another character from Fisher Price's Adventure People line. Brainoid is hands down the coolest figure out there, in my opinion. I mean c'mon, what's not to like about him?! Spacesuit? Check. Robotic claw arm? Check. Weird brain-like head? Check!

I really need to find this guy so i can add him to my collection. I haven't seen him on ebay yet but if i do i'm definitely going to pick him up (unless he's like a gazillion dollars). Until then you can see the original figure at the links below.

View the original figure here, and here.


  1. hey i just stumbled on these pics. i love your art, and i absolutely love these 2 adventure people youve done they are a couple of my favorite figures. heres a pic of mine

  2. Thanks Chris!

    @Newwavepop Great collection!! Adventure People are so much fun. I'm currently trying to pick up all of the carded ones that were on an illustrated card since i love the art so much:)