Monday, November 7, 2011

30 Rock Animated Sketches

So after finishing up the Frank piece, i decided i wanted to try drawing the characters in a more animated style. I thought it would be fun to show my process so here are the sketches of the main characters. From here i'll start rendering each one. Stay tuned for those!

Update: Added the dark color to Lemon's hair since a few people have commented on that. I was always planning on coloring it dark...just forgot to add that to the sketches!

click on the picture for a larger view

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Frank Rossitano

"Skeletor's not my are."

I just finished the 5th season of 30Rock, and decided to do some fan art, starting with Frank. I wanted push my work a bit further this time so it's a lot more detailed than some of my other stuff. After i finished i decided it would be fun to add some typography and turn it into a fake cartoon series.

I think i'll do a few more of these since there are so many great characters on the show.


Toucan Sam

Decided to add another one to the cereal series. Toucan Sam was created by Manuel R. Vega in 1963.