Thursday, March 4, 2010

March of the Monsters Day 4

Where'd my bobber go? (Thanks Ang!)


  1. phew! good thing he's got 3 more! love the seaweed and the bobber! he needs the "where my bobber go?" caption. ; ) You should name him Bobby...or Gil. Jo called him Eye Man. Cal-Silly Man and Walter...Nipple Man. lol! (he discovered his a few months ago. it's his favorite word right now besides belly button.)

  2. Hahahaha nipple man...too funny!

    I actually considered BOTH Bobby and Gil haha...that's weird!

    You must sign in under a different name once in awhile? The other post said Ang i'm pretty sure:D

  3. ha, yeah i was just noticing that. it depends on which email i last checked.

    weird is right!