Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March of the Monsters Day 31

Well it's the end of the March which means it's the end of this month's theme, March of the Monsters. For my last monster i had to take another stab at ol' Yaksquatch. I'm really happy with how he turned out.

There won't be a new theme in April (possibly in May though), but i'll still be posting things here since i'll be designing the book that collects March of the Monsters. I'm hoping to have copies of that ready for Spring Con in May (as well as online). Stay tuned for news on that and more!


  1. I was just about to say over on Deviant Art, this guy looks awfully familiar. He is Awesome and Cowabunga and other words from Ninja Turtles.

  2. eewww, eyebrow stud!? please don't tell me u made this one after yourself too??

    nooooooooooooo!!! it can't be over all ready!!

    more! more! more! more!

    i like the ticky band-aid. : )

  3. I didn't tell you i got an eyebrow stud?! ;)