Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Leaky Timbers Kickstarter

I've been horrible about updating this site (as always, due to client work). Most of the stuff i'm working on I can't show yet, but I had to break the silence and help promote a great Kickstarter.

My pal, Joey Ellis, is doing a Kickstarter for his own comic book, Leaky Timbers. It stars Wolfie Monster and a slew of other crazy characters. If you're familiar with Joey's art at all then you know it's going to be a fun book! It only has 9 days left and it's very close to meeting it's goal, so please go support Joey!

Since my whole family loves Wolfie, I had to draw up a quick fan piece. Enjoy!


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  2. YES!!! Absolutely love this fan art, and I do believe with fan's like this creating awesome tributes for Wolfie awareness this book will get funded. Glad to hear your family is also a fan. I know my kids continue to ask to watch the updates, and may have all the lines memorized at this point. Great type design by the way!! (it's me Luke Flowers ... not sure why my Google is unknown.)