Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hawkeye and Black Widow Sketch

Work has been keeping me busy but here's a look at the next Avengers' Day Off illustration. I already posted a shot of Hawkeye (via twitter/instagram) awhile back but here's a better look at it. I wanted to combine Hawkeye and Black Widow's day off since I see them spending it together.

Hopefully I can render this soon.


  1. I totally adore your work, I swear I do. But I'm a little sad that Black Widow only gets to be a prop for Hawkeye. I was hoping maybe she'd get her own panel. Or is that coming down the line? Regardless, still love this series!

  2. I feel like any moment they're going to break into a Schoolhouse Rock song (possibly about trajectory physics).

  3. Paul - If i can get back to these she might, but unfortunately work is keeping me so busy I haven't even had time to render this one.

    P.F. - Hahaha, that brings back memories!