Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Raccoon Mario

For today's illustration i decided to go with Raccoon Mario. Even though Super Mario Bros. 2 is my favorite of the original trilogy, i can't deny the greatness that is Super Mario Bros. 3. All of the new power suits were just too awesome with my favorite being the elusive Tanooki suit.

I would scour the levels looking for that tiny little bear/raccoon/whatever-the-heck-it-was suit, eventually find one and then of course accidentally run into an enemy before i got the chance to turn into a statue...*sigh.*

At least you could always count on the good ol' Super Leaf. It might have been a poor-man's Tanooki suit but at least you could still fly.

And i decided to give Mario a little wrench (who i affectionately refer to as Wrenchie), since I was always disappointed that there wasn't a wrench weapon in any of the games.


  1. Yes! A wrench. He needed that. And maybe a plunger? Were there ever plungers in the game?

  2. Thanks Keith!

    Melanie: Yess! They should have had a plunger too! That would have been so great to use on the pipes! :)

  3. Really nice! Mario Racoon was the best!