Monday, November 7, 2011

30 Rock Animated Sketches

So after finishing up the Frank piece, i decided i wanted to try drawing the characters in a more animated style. I thought it would be fun to show my process so here are the sketches of the main characters. From here i'll start rendering each one. Stay tuned for those!

Update: Added the dark color to Lemon's hair since a few people have commented on that. I was always planning on coloring it dark...just forgot to add that to the sketches!

click on the picture for a larger view


  1. These are amazing! My only comment would be on Jack. He almost looks more like an 80's Asian business man and maybe a litle too short. But you really did capture the 'essense' of everyone so well.


  2. Thanks for the feedback Ian! I definitely agree...i plan on tweaking him in the rendering stage for sure.

  3. Those look great Matt! You really hit the nail on the head with Tracey!

  4. Thanks Blain! I think he's my favorite of the bunch:)

  5. This image of Pete reminds me of Harvey Pekar. Which makes it all the more appropriate he's standing next to Judah Friedlander (seeing as how he was in American Splendor and all).

  6. Thanks guys!

    And that's funny you should say that. I just watched American Splendor this past weekend and was pleasantly surprised to see Judah in it:)