Friday, February 11, 2011

Clark Griswold - Gallery1988

Here is my piece for the John Hughes Tribute show that opens tonight at Gallery1988. I didn't have time to do a digital piece and get prints made up, so i decided to do a painting for it. I used acrylics and ink and painted it on stained wood (a nod to the Queen Family Truckster). This was my first time using acrylics so it's by no means a masterpiece hahaha but it was fun to do and i look forward to using acrylics more.

It was great to be able to do a piece for the show especially since Vacation is my all-time favorite comedy (no matter how many times i watch it it always makes me laugh hysterically).

For more info about the show, check out G1988's website here


  1. Classic! Good choice!
    He's so cute!
    Love the pants and shoes and glasses and eyebrows and...