Monday, September 20, 2010

Big Boa

The 4th and final piece of the "Cobra the Enemy" series (for now). Picking the 4th one was hard. I mulled over many of my favorites as well as fan-favorites like Zartan and Firefly, and then i remembered Big Boa.

Big Boa was one my first first GI Joe figures and he's remained a favorite throughout the years. His mask and removable boxing gloves are just too cool!

I wonder what he looks like under that mask...


  1. Big, I remember how much you loved those red gloves. Eww, chest hair.

  2. Too bad i LOST those red gloves.:(

    And you KNOW i'm going to have to do a Chuckles one that has a cast on his leg:D

  3. LOL! Hey you can't say I didn't make that one right! ; )