Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 6 and 7

Here is yesterday's sketch along with today's. I decided to stop doing the playing card design since it was taking to much time and i wanted these to be simple and fast. Instead i'll be doing just head shots and adding one or two colors to them. I think these are my favorite so far.

So here is Stuie Stuntman and Larry Lumberjack. Enjoy!


  1. Nice work! Stuie Stuntman is awesome! He makes me want to draw a daredevil. ;D

    Larry Lumberjack looks menacing, haha!

    Are you using markers for the simple colors?

  2. Thanks Drew! I'm definitely thinking of doing more with stuie stuntman...i really like how he turned out.

    And yep i'm using Prismacolor markers for coloring.