Friday, July 8, 2011

It's the Law!

Today's illustration is based on the very first G.I. Joe i got as a kid, Law and Order (unfortunately i didn't have time to finish his dog Order). I still remember walking out of Children's Palace with this guy and thinking he was the coolest toy ever. He's still my favorite Joe hands down even though you hardly ever see him in the comics or cartoons.

The reason i picked Law is because Planet Pulp is doing G.I. Joe for this month's theme. Be sure to head over there and check out the other awesome entries that will be appearing all through the month of July.


  1. Law was always one of my favs. Probably got mine at Children's Palace also. Nice work.

  2. Law & Order are awesome. I think in the cartoon they got overshadowed by Mutt & Junkyard. Not much room for an MP at GI JOE headquarters, I guess.

    Children's Palace was the shizz. I got all of my Python Patrol figures there. They had a bunch of old stock GI JOE figures from 3-4 years past their release date.